E3: Natsume Takes PlayStation 3 and Wii Owners on a Photo Safari

Natsume, traditional publisher of all things farming with the evergreen Harvest Moon series, is branching out to a new kind of environment this year with two sun-drenched safari titles. Originally released in 2008 by Sony in Japan, Afrika on the PlayStation 3 has remained as elusive as a Liger on these shores but Natsume has finally wrangled in the rights and will be bringing the photorealistic photo safari to the U.S. this fall. I have personally been longing for this game for years; the idea of exploring the vast savannahs of Africa with nothing more than a camera sounds like a wonderful change of pace from the glut of gritty sci-fi shooters we’re currently trodding through.

Click through to NfamousGamers for more on Natsume’s Animal Kingdom: Wildlife Expedition for the Wii.

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