Mayhem mixes Madworld with Destruction Derby

Anybody recognize this stylish mashup of Madworld aesthetics and Destruction Derby gameplay? That link I posted yesterday led me to this mysterious retail release simply called Mayhem from Zoo Games. Mayhem’s biggest feature is its 3D mode that promises to ride the bandwagon straight out of your TV screen and into your living room. It is classic red/blue style 3D (glasses packed in the box) but the few hands-on impressions I’ve read say the black and white art style helps make for a convincing pop.

The game itself sounds like a throwback to the days of Destruction Derby 2 on PlayStation with arena battles and course-based races that encourage mischievous shunts and takedowns. Watching the video above, however, makes it look more like a 2007 Xbox Live Arcade release. The physics don’t appear as satisfying as you’d hope for a game about smashing up cars and even the discounted $40 retail price tag (on Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3) doesn’t help. I’m kind of curious about Mayhem but think I’ll hold out for Wrecked for my vehicular carnage thrills this year.

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