E3’11: A bunch of games I want to play (Part 1)

Now that I finally got the big conferences out of the way let’s hop to it with third party games I care about. There’s a lot so here comes a two-parter, alphabetical style!


Bioshock Infinite
In the three-way tie for my Game of the Show, Infinite honestly has the edge. It may play like a shooter but everything else about it is so stunningly unique that I’d feel bad if I didn’t have a DVD-sized slot in my heart for this game.

The only thing that could make XCOM any more stupendously exhilerating for me is if the weird geometrical shard aliens were replaced with Killer Tomatoes.



Adult themed, this stylish block-hopping puzzler/dating game may wind up somewhat less mature after its U.S. localization. Either way I’m a big fan of the look and the promise of something that isn’t another modern military shooter.

Rock of Ages
They didn’t even need to show this off at E3, I was instantly sold last year when it was first announced.



The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim
This is what I hoped Oblivion would be. The new tech and years of design insight will hopefully make for an enjoyable fantasy exploration/fire breathing badass action/RPG experience.



Asura’s Wrath
So far it looks like another super cinematic and stylish game that relies a little too heavily on Quick Time Events. Still, it looks more unique and insane than a lot of stuff from the show so I’m at least giving it a rent.

Dragon’s Dogma
This may be my Elder Scrolls: Skyrim if Skyrim turns out to be too much like Oblivion. Climbing around on mythological creatures and exploring a big ass fantasy world sounds fun even if it’s 80% mediocre.



Dust 514
In this FPS space shooter my boss could possibly be a 14 year old kid who is a maverick at EVE Online. I do his bidding on the battlefield but if he cuts our wages or sends us on a suicide mission I could just as easily join his rivals. The integration between both these games is what I’m most excited to learn more about.



Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon
It looks like the team taking over the series is keeping what was great about E.D.F. and adding a few more modern gaming hooks. Classes, jetpacks, better graphics. I just hope it doesn’t ruin the simple, stupid fun.

Electronic Arts

Mass Effect 3
Regardless of how much of an RPG it is I’m invested in this final (but probably not F I N A L) act. I just hope they don’t mess with my FemShep.

Need for Speed: The Run
This may wind up as the most guided and linear racing game outside of Road Blasters! I’m not expecting a lot of replay but I’ve always wanted Cannonball Run: The Game and this is as close as I can get… for now!

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning
While my co-worker is holding out for the MMO set in the same world the more I see of Reckoning the more I can’t wait to play it. The way typical turn-based RPG combat and stats play out in real time looks to be more my pace (e.g. fast).

Still bummed about the PS3 exclusive MOUNTAIN and concerns over the stiffness of the gameplay, I remain hopeful for a fun downhill racer if not a full-on return to form.



I played and posted about the free demo version of this game not long ago and am looking forward to whatever form it ends up in. More X-Ray stages, please. That stuff looked great.

Imagine Lemmings but controlled via Kinect. I admit, it doesn’t sound super hot but I’m willing to give it a shot for two reasons. 1) It’s a potentially cheap downloadable game 2) This isn’t one interesting part of an otherwise bland minigame collection that’s about training your brain or your body.

This game looks nuts. I can’t wait to see what the advantages of pulling off your own head or purposely losing limbs are.

The teaser at the end of Konami’s show was masterfully done using only a trail of flames that eventually wound its way into the iconic Contra ‘C’. With everything left to the imagination I can get 100% excited about this game until they show what it actually is and how stupid hard it’s going to be.


Bloodrayne: Betrayal
Maybe not looking forward to this game, I’m just damn intrigued about whether they give Rayne a voice, let her swear a lot, and tie any shred of the story together. So far it doesn’t look good.

The Hidden
I’m still a sucker for augmented reality games and though this one looks flaky from what I’ve seen it’s still a neat idea. Using the camera on the 3DS, hunt your surroundings for monster… things, and shoot them until they die. The game remembers places you’ve been and later requires you to go back if they get re-infested or for boss fights. All the better if it turns out to be an eShop release.


Namco Bandai

Ridge Racer Unbounded
I kinda liked Flatout and I used to like Ridge Racer so I’m willing to give this puzzling mix of the two (with some Split/Second and Full Auto touches) a shot.

Ace Combat (for 3DS and Assault Horizon on consoles)
I always give Ace Combat a pass. I haven’t played or even enjoyed them all but I continue to like the series overall. Both of these look to have some unique twists on the formula.



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