Achieving: New Torment Unlocked!

I completed the career mode in Trials Evolution over the weekend even though I was only partway through the first tier of Hard level tracks. I guess it’s based on the number of medals earned and probably accelerated by my determination to get a Gold medal on all the previous tracks. My reward for such dedication? Even harder to earn medals! Platinum times are now unlocked requiring, for example, that you finish the gargantuan Gigatrack with zero faults in seven minutes or less. In my shot for Gold times I had apparently already unlocked two Platinums but since then I’ve only managed to get two or three more.

One tip to cull the madness of Trials’ demanding track times and precision bike control? Go play some of the RedLynx top pick user tracks. There are some that are so punishingly rough that the official tracks almost (aallmmoosstt) feel like a breeze in comparison. Beyond that, lay off the gas. I still find it hard to think there’s any other way to win than to never lay off the throttle but it’s very true.

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