The 2012 Recaps Begin… soon

I haven’t lived a year as uncertain as 2012 since I graduated from college. A new job for me meant moving in with Maxx in a whole new city but it also meant Katy had to give up her job. Between the multiple relocations and single income for eight months my year in gaming went decidedly digital and excessively frugal.

As I was severing heartstrings attached to physical stuff (games, DVDs, and chotchkies I’d collected) I was acquiring more and more downloadable goods, and regularly on the cheap. Steam sales, Xbox Live discounts, humble bundles and, later, rewards programs led me deeper into digital outlets. While I felt like I was missing out on the “big games” for most of the year, I recently realized the trade-off.

I bought Dishonored on Day One but skipped Retro City Rampage, Trials Evolutions’ new DLC and a handful of other downloadables I’d been waiting for. For that same $60 I spent on Dishonored I could’ve had ten completely different, completely thorough games to play. As much as I’ve enjoyed sinking into the world of a disc-based game again, part of me wishes I’d gone the other way. We’re in a much better spot now and can start buying more games with less guilt (or thought) but 2012 definitely had an effect on me in many unexpected ways.

And with that setup out of the way I’ll soon start posting all manner of recaps, mostly to put things in perspective for myself, but feel free to join me. I want to hear your take on these games, your stories, just as much as I want to tell my own.

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