Of 2013: The Compliments of Microsoft Award


With a computer capable of playing modern games and consoles further past their prime I didn’t spend a lot of time on the Xbox 360 in 2013. In 2012 I’d cashed in enough Bing rewards points to cover the cost of ten games but there just wasn’t that much I really wanted this year.

Early on I picked up Diabolical Pitch on sale (which I still haven’t played), then grabbed Star Wars Pinball and finally put 400 Points towards one of my top five games of the year, State of Decay. With the launch of Grand Theft Auto Online I also cashed in some Bing points for a few free months of Xbox Live and tossed a few into an Xbox One giveaway. Most recently I won $10 in Microsoft money for tweeting a shot of my Windows 8.1 start screen and took advantage of an Amazon deal that gave me an extra $20 for free.

Microsoft’s desperation is our advantage and I still recommend everyone spending a few minutes each day to rack up those Bing rewards points. Here, use this handy referral link!

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