ENHANCE! Streets of Rage

ENHANCE! Take a real good, up-close look around some iconic, dense, or intriguing gaming related images. The North American box art for Streets of Rage is what inspired this feature so it only seems fitting to be our first post. Zoom in and take a look at the fight in these streets!

As always, click the fullscreen icon for the most comfortable zooming!
Look around for the markers that denote an interesting tidbit or peculiar detail.
Leave us a comment with your favorite bits!

  • YIKES! This is one of the most brutal things I think I've ever seen on an official game box
  • Where's our real world Converse crossover shoes, Sega??
  • This peeper is the reason I wanted to start this feature!
    Is that Toxie watching from the shadows? Is this a thug or a terrified civilian??
  • How many buildings on this street actually are on fire?

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