Achieving: A decade between Demon’s Souls’

Nothing like double dipping on a Trophy but almost exactly a decade apart. Ten years ago the original Demon’s Souls was a PlayStation Plus “freebie” and thanks to their recent offer that put the new Extra tier at the same price as the cheaper Essential, I got to start the PlayStation 5 remake as another “free game”.

A decade ago I gave up shortly after narrowly getting past Phalanx, the first boss encounter in the game. I remember being one-shot killed by Tower Knight and then getting poisoned in the Valley of Defilement by a rat and not having any way to heal. Frustrated and confused, I think this was around when Guacamelee! debuted so I’m pretty sure I just ran off to have fun with that instead.

I would dabble with a Dark Souls here and there but the big difference between then and now is the 200 hours I just spent with Elden Ring. It’s made Demon’s Souls a fascinating look back at where some of the inspiration came from and has been just challenging enough (and frustrating enough) to keep coming back to. I still may not see it through to completion on PlayStation 5 but you can bet by the Re-Remake on PlayStation 7 I’ll finish it off in true pointless self reward fashion for another gold Trophy.

Achieving: Tales of Pointless Self Reward retold in brief posts whenever we feel like it

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