Hands-on and very up close with this limited edition Tomb Raider pewter figure

I’m slowly finding inspiration again to work on my criminally ignored YouTube channel It Came From The Collection with the latest update being somewhat of a test video featuring a limited edition Tomb Raider The Last Revelation pewter figure. I picked this up at E3 2001 from the Eidos booth but in making this video I found out the figure was available years earlier.

It was originally included in the 1999 Millennium Edition release of The Last Revelation on PC along with a Top Cow Tomb Raider comic book and even a collectible card game. In this version the figure had a backer card and blister packaging but mine — as best as I can remember now — was just loose. My best guess is they had some leftover figures and the PR folks tore them out of the packaging to give away at E3 to promote the upcoming Game Boy Color release of Lara Croft – Tomb Raider: Curse of the Sword.

Take a look at the video above for a crispy 4k resolution hands-on with the figure and some even closer-up macro shots of the detail in the metal. Like I said, this was a bit of a test and so things are a little shaky but let me know what you think of the format and the scripted narration.

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