A Good Read: Redefining Casual for the Hardcore + Zeit2!

Two good things came out of this Gamasutra piece entitled Redefining Casual For The Hardcore. It’s an interesting read on what the media (and by extension, the world) has come to define as casual and how we need to desperately try and change it before everyone gets really confused. It’s not mind blowing but it addresses some thoughts I’ve had myself lately. And after an interesting response in the comments by Thomas Bedenk, I found the above video for a game he’s working on called Zeit2 (I don’t know how to HTML that ‘2’ into a superscript). Like a lot of experimental games of late, Zeit2 uses time control to turn an average looking 2D shooter into something much more unique. It’s also running on the Xbox 360 so hopefully a Community Games or Live Arcade release isn’t too far off.

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