Your Sunday PodShot is Rockin’!

Maybe it’s all the Pump it Up I’ve been playing or that my game time has dwindled to seemingly minutes each week but I’ve been getting into Rock Band 2 and Guitar Hero World Tour. I’m ready to splurge on new (old) instruments and DLC songs while everyone has been busy playing Ikaruga, Virtua Fighter 5, MySims, and Dynasty Warriors 6 Empires.
Also, we’ve got some more great Talkshoe errors that send each of us on a minutes-long talk before we realize that we’re no longer connected! Splendid! Pardon the awkward dead air mid-episode, we’re gonna try a different setup for next week! The show will still be hosted on Talkshoe, though, so be sure to stop by our show page and give us a rating or subscribe on iTunes, Zune, or RSS.

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