Achieving: Ultimate Efficiency!


The Achievement pictured here is for completing all of the in-game challenges but it should really be for ultimate efficiency. I finished the game back in May and shortly thereafter Steam rolled out its trading card stock market/time sink. Tomb Raider got some cards and I always meant to load it up but didn’t feel like letting the game idle for hours just to unlock the digital cards.

In comes the Steam Autumn sale and with a super cheap DLC tomb to raid I finally dove back in, got the cards and even finished off the Achievement up above. Oh, I also got the added benefit of freeing up hard drive space on my laptop once I was finished. BA~GOINK!

The ‘Tomb of the Lost Adventurer’ DLC, by the way, is a pretty paltry offering. It’s basically the devs exchanging money for experience points as the area is lousy with salvage. If you’re still in the midst of playing the game it’s a quick way to gain a couple upgrade points but it didn’t offer me anything except a refresher on how to play.

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