Spelunker World March Update Adds SO Many Changes


Just when I think I’m out,

Spelunker World pulls me back in!!!!!

A week or so ago I finally made the push through the last few stages in World 4 of Spelunker World. I knew the rest of World 4 was coming… I just didn’t expect it to show up so soon and with so many other changes, improvements and enhancements in tow. It seems I’m back in the thick of it again so I thought I’d post a recap of all the new changes since the official news is kinda hard to follow.

  • Spelunkette’s Sister is now in the game! I haven’t done it yet but completing World 4-25 should unlock her as a playable character.
  • Getting to 4-25 is a lot easier as ALL stages are now available on the map. If you get stumped on a level you can simply skip it!
  • That’s a handy change as the new challenge looks to be getting a 3-Star rating on every stage at which point… something will happen.
  • It’ll probably be over by the time anyone reads this but in celebration of the One Year anniversary of the game and 900,000 worldwide downloads a new daily login bonus is giving away a pet! A Pet! That never, ever happens with the dailies.
  • They finally added Final Fantasy gear… but it’s just from Type-0 so, like, does anyone care?
  • Hidden items in the Time Attack mode will alway be “red potions”
  • SpelaMAX energy drink now lasts for 60 minutes and gives you an “EX Chance” where every 1 in 5 silver litho-stones you pop open will be a 3-Star item or higher
  • Player Titles are now based on experience, not the weekly leaderboard results. I imagine a lot of Level 100+ players were tired of being called “Amateur Deathwisher”
  • New Symbol Emotes added for situations like “hey, I need a pet over here”, “hey, I need someone to hold this switch”, “ANGRY” and “yeah… I’ll use a continue”
  • Pet abilities can be leveled up to rank 4

Now for the really crazy playability changes. When browsing and building loadouts of gear you’ll now see the imbued protections right on the screen. Previously you’d just have to know that the pirate gear is what you wanna use for the fire stages but now it’ll show “x5 gas vent” and “x3 fire pillar” protection when you’re cycling through loadouts. Super helpful and something that probably should’ve been in there a lot sooner.

Finally, the craziest thing of all after having played this game for an entire year: you can use any item to level up any other item! Before, you could only pump in the same kind of item, limiting what you could do with low level gear. 1-Star items couldn’t be used at all and were only good for selling. Now even the lame 1-Star loot has more value, even if they’re only worth 5 experience points each.

*phew* I think that covers it all. As always, if any of that sounded bewilderingly intriguing to you feel free to add me on PlayStation Network and jump in! Spelunker World is free and even after a year I have yet to spend a penny on it.

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