E3 2001: Sega B-Roll & Nintendo Booth Tour ๐Ÿ“บ From The Collection TV

For the month of June, It Came From The Collection and ICFTC -TV- are going back in time to E3 2000 and 2001! Some of this has been shared on GameLuv in the past but it’s here again with new trimmings and higher resolution video.

Pull up to one of the numerous screens as Segaโ€™s booth that was endlessly looping clips and footage of Toejam & Earl 3, Sega Bass Fishing, Sonic Advance, Gunvalkyrie, Super Monkeyball, Virtua Fighter, and many other multi-platform titles. Then head over to Nintendoโ€™s booth for a panoramic view of the giant screen and DJ stage, the interactive Wario puppet, huge spinning GameCube logos, and a mesmerizing wall of blue waves.

๐Ÿ“บ About the Show ๐Ÿ“บ
It Came From The Collection -TV- is a supplemental series to my hands-on videos. These clips, commercials, and programs go live every Saturday morning to recapture the spirit of the legendary cartoon lineups and laser-focused marketing aimed at young minds. Iโ€™ve tried to clean up the picture and sound, and render them at 1080p for a more viewable presentation. ICFTC -TV- ! Part of a nutritious breakfast!

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