The Trials Evolution Riddle just got even crazier


I try not to go making posts where I simply link to a major gaming blog but for this incredible mystery I’ll gladly make an exception. The Trials Evolution riddle has been solvedish. The Kotaku piece does a great job of summing it up (and providing links to their posts as it developed; all worth reading)  so I won’t recap.

The amazing revelation after years of deciphering cryptic imagery and hunting down buried puzzle boxes (really, go read it!!) is that the next step will take place in August of 2113. Yes, that’s the 2113 that is 98 years away! You’d like to think that’ll be the end but it’s very likely another clue will be revealed at that meeting beneath the Eifell Tower. The mastermind behind the riddle, RedLynx’s Anttil Ilvessuo, ensures that even though all of us reading this today will likely be dead or close to it, that the meeting will take place. If he’s gone to the trouble to make a legal arrangement why would it end there?

Regardless of how it ends I feel a little sad, even a bit angry, that I won’t ever know what came next.

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